Breathing air compressors – on board & shore based

Inspection of Breathing Air compressor

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LALIZAS highly skilled technicians are able to carry out the routine service of your Onboard / Site based air compressor. We offer the service of most major manufacturers’ compressors and carry certain spare parts with us in our mobile workshop, filters, O-Rings and Oils.

A full service report is issued upon completion of the service of the compressor.

Our technicians are able to carry out the Air Quality Analysis of the supplied compressed air whilst Onboard your vessel or On Site, using a fully portable test machine. The results of our analysis will be provided when the test is completed.

The analysis of each test performed in line with the EN standard will be provided to you in the form of a certificate so that it may be retained for your records.

A detailed air quality test record sheet should be completed and reviewed by the relevant person to assess whether the air quality is fine. Any defects in the equipment or test results should be noted and the equipment should be suitably labelled to record test status. Any defects should be remedied before the equipment is used again and a further air test carried out to ensure that the breathing air supplied is now safe.

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