“Chemical Suit “”Gas Tight, AlphaTec, TR, Light Type””, L, Orange”

This gas tight Chemical Suit offers chemical protection for light-duty industrial activities. It is made of strong and flexible polyester fabric coated on each side with PVC, making it ideal for low hazard environments.

It is SOLAS approved offering good chemical resistance against alkalis, low concentration acids and cooling media, e.g. ammonia.

The Chemical Suit features a non-encapsulating design with face seal and without hump (type T), while its breathing apparatus can be worn outside the suit.

It is reusable, suitable for work in confined spaces, and it is available in orange colour.

Image Code Description
Chemical Suit "Gas Tight, AlphaTec, TR, Light Type", L, Orange 74520 image 74520 Chemical Suit “Gas Tight, AlphaTec, TR, Light Type”, L, Orange
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