Medical Oxygen – on board & shore based

Medical Oxygen Resuscitator Inspection

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Every vessel that carries goods under the IMDG-code must carry a minimum of emergency medical oxygen equipment:

1 x 40 liter @ 200 bar or 4 x 10 liter @ 200 bar
2 x 2 liter @ 200 bar
1 x Manual resuscitator
How do we service medical O2 equipment?

Annual inspection of cylinders and resuscitator
5 yearly hydro test
3/5 yearly recharge (mostly replacement)
More specifically on the inspection and testing:

Medical Oxygen Resuscitator Inspection
MedO2 Cylinder 0-10lt Inspection
MedO2 Cylinder 10-40 lt Inspection and Refill
MedO2 Cylinder Hydro test

72767 Medical Oxygen Resuscitator Inspection
72768 MedO2 Cylinder 0-10lt Inspection
72769 MedO2 cylinder 10-40L inspection
72770 MedO2 Cylinder Hydro test
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