Sea Anchor (Drogue)

• Designed to reduce the speed of the ship, slow down the drift, stabilize the hull, reduce the swing frequency, and effectively reduce the water drift effect of the hull
• Suitable for power boats, sail boats, inflatable boat, jet skis, kayaks as sea brake or sea anchor
• Ideal for fishing
• PVC strong coated with continuous inside webbing for added strength and durability
• Easy to deploy and to retrieve, without tangling and spinning
• With portable and compact design, it dries quickly and stores compactly
• Weighted bottom and automatic opening
• Available in 5 sizes
• Packed with harness buoy

*Impa Code 330215 & 330216

Image Code A B C D
Sea anchor No1 10071 image 10071 50cm 55cm 8cm 64cm
Sea anchor No2 10072 image 10072 65cm 75cm 10cm 70cm
Sea anchor No3 10073 image 10073 125cm 125cm 17cm 125cm
Sea anchor No 4 10074 image 10074 135cm 142cm 20cm 125cm
Sea anchor No5 10075 image 10075 190cm 145cm 20cm 130cm
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